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nuodima kitchen & bathroom tell you how to maintain faucets and sinks that cannot be ignored -凯发集团娱乐

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in addition to the high-end quality of the daily furniture kitchen and bathroom, the daily maintenance should not be underestimated. furniture kitchens of the same brand pay more attention to maintenance and care less than 3-5 years. the importance of maintenance can be seen. notoma kitchen and bathroom experts focus on the quality of home kitchens and bathrooms, focus on kitchen sinks and other problems, and combine with the actual situation of chinese home kitchens and bathrooms, leading the new trend of kitchens and bathrooms in the new era.

faucet maintenance and non-maintenance

compared to the common faucets for daily use, most consumers will choose aluminum or stainless steel when choosing. the surface is smooth and easy to clean. however, traditional faucets also have iron components, which not only easily rust, but also deteriorate over time, causing damage. regarding the maintenance of faucets, nordima has made a professional comparison experiment, which shows that the maintenance of faucets determines the difference in life span.

first of all, in the choice of faucets, we use two types of kitchen faucets from nordima for comparison, duolosi series and stainless steel faucet series. these two materials represent the high-quality faucets and common faucets on the market.

the faucet of luodu luosi series represents a modern quality of life. its smooth texture surface is more three-dimensional, which adds a sense of fashion and trend to modern kitchens and bathrooms. it also saves a lot of effort in daily maintenance. wipe it with a soft cotton cloth during maintenance. do not use any abrasive cleaners, cloths or paper cloths; do not use any acid-containing cleaners, polishing abrasives or rough cleaners.

the stainless steel faucets that are commonly available on the market should pay attention to various details in daily maintenance. from the faucet to the water nozzle and the water outlet, all must be leaked. you can use mild liquid glass cleaner, pure clear liquid glass cleaner, no acid, non-abrasive soft liquid or completely dissolved powder, non-abrasive solution polish. the surface of the spout should always be gently wiped with a soft cloth (without impurities) with a detergent. do not use any abrasive cleaning agent to clean the water nozzle. after cleaning the whole body, remember to wash it with clean cotton cloth.

compared to the choice of faucet materials, high-quality faucets are more conducive to maintenance and cleaning, of course, the service life is also obvious.

kitchen sinks are often cleaned, life is clean and fresh

at present, the common sinks on the market are generally divided into two types, stretch sinks and manual sinks. the materials of the two are very different. and from the maintenance aspect to distinguish the performance of the two.

xiongshui sink has become the new favorite of modern kitchens and bathrooms, which not only represents a high-end kitchen and bathroom quality life, but also represents an attitude and pursuit of life. experts of notoma kitchen sink system, dedicated to the research and development and design of hydraulic sinks. the stainless steel sinks used are imported from posco sus304, and each steel plate has a verified label number, which guarantees the quality of the raw materials more. nickel the amount reaches more than 8, and it has the characteristics of high strength, anti-aging, anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion, anti-fouling and abrasion resistance. the manual sink uses manual semi-automatic welding and machine automatic welding machine to combine the best, so that the r corner edge is thinner and sharper; the step process completely solves the problem of protruding solder joints, not in place, sanding the dead corners, easier maintenance and easier cleaning. and cleaning, more effectively extend the life of its sink.

in the use and maintenance of traditional stretching sinks, more attention should be paid to the wear and cleaning of edge sinks. attention should also be paid to the friction and collision of hard objects such as bowl porcelain. improper cleaning habits can easily reduce the service life of stretching sinks. short.

notoma-a leading expert in modern kitchens and bathrooms, creating a stylish and quality home life. furniture, kitchen and toilet have a lot of knowledge. only by establishing good cleaning and maintenance habits can the life of furniture and kitchenware be effectively extended. at the same time, in the selection of furniture, kitchen and bathroom, we should choose high-quality brand kitchen and bathroom, easy maintenance, easy to clean, can easily improve the quality of life at home, is the first choice for modern people.

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