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the unique function design of nordima kitchen sink interprets the healthy and stylish chapter of kit -凯发集团娱乐

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with the continuous improvement of the level of modern life, health and fashion topics are pouring into the aesthetics of life. as the kitchen in home life is where most people occupy one-third of the time, it is slowly being valued and pursued . there are four most common types of home kitchens: kitchen appliances, stoves, lotions, and chopsticks; among them, the kitchen sink in the lotion is ranked first, which shows that it plays an important role in the kitchen.

nordima kitchen & bath, as a professional manufacturer of stainless steel sinks, has been committed to the development, design, and environmental protection of sophisticated kitchen and bathroom systems. the manufacturing process and quality of its kitchen sinks have also been continuously pursued by industry professionals. nordima sink is a global strategic partner of kitchen and bathroom products. how to create the most intimate and practical functional sink in the industry in the future is the ultimate dream pursued by all nordima kitchens. as the chief italian craftsman of nordima sink, "every product should be full of life, and its production structure, material, thickness and craftsmanship should be injected into the soul of the product, in order to fuse the true colors of the water".

the predecessor of its kitchen sink dates back to 1893. after centuries of continuous improvement and innovation, the most distinctive sink craft evolution is truly called a legendary epic; from mud pots to brick pots, from iron pots to stainless steel sinks, always it is a sign of the progress of the times. the kitchen sink, as the "heart" of the kitchen, has grown brighter with the development of the times.

in pursuit of the technology of the times, the common sinks on the market are already similar, and the use problems that have gradually become apparent have also increased, and the reform and innovation of sink technology is imminent.

there are roughly three common sink materials on the market: ceramics, artificial stones, and stainless steel. stainless steel sinks are the most used. in addition to their use characteristics, people also value the modern and stylish sense of stainless steel. , and environmentally friendly functionality. in addition, the size of the sink is also a key factor in determining the usability of the kitchenware, as well as the depth of the sink, and the quality of the sink. modern science and technology mainly promote functional water tanks, fashion water tanks, practical water tanks, special-shaped water tanks, etc., which will be the mainstream of future consumer groups, because functionalization will be the dominant one.

the special-shaped sink technology is an innovative and improved technology of the era, which is used by many high-end kitchen and bathroom brands. the most typical is the nordima sink product. based on the original principle of the special-shaped sink process, it is uniquely innovative. it uses advanced italian production equipment, high-precision molds and exquisite european and american techniques. it uses an embedded design to embed kitchen utensils in the sink. in the design, the integrated layout can not only be convenient to use, but also make the style of the kitchen more uniform and tidy. unique surface processing and professional control, large washing space, unique draw waterline design, smooth and smooth. at the same time, the humanized drainage device integrates the latest technology in the world, allowing people to truly experience the texture of modern kitchens and enjoy a better life.

the nuo dima team adheres to the design concept of “streamline and simplification”, that is, “the beauty of the product is displayed by function and simplicity” and drives the streamlined design. incorporating the "functional fashion" technology concept, combined with the use of the kitchen, through the smooth flow of life, at the same time, it promotes the concept of life in the era of water conservation, environmental protection and cleanliness, streamlining and simplifying everything. scientifically and reasonably partition the internal space, improve the treatment facilities such as clean pollution separation, dry and wet isolation, completely solve the problems of dripping from tableware hanging, easy to accumulate dirt on the wall, water seepage between the back of the countertop and the wall, and make the kitchen cleaner. safer to use.

no dima sink, the leader of high-end chinese kitchen and bathroom brands. focusing on the problems of easy welding, welding through, surface color difference and other problems of kitchen sinks, plumbing and other products, and combining with the actual situation of chinese home kitchens and bathrooms, we are committed to making chinese families have a more elegant artistic atmosphere, and more high-quality life enjoyment, leading the new trend of kitchen equipment in the new era. starting from the basic craftsmanship, starting from quality and practicality, combining with the chinese family's use preferences, from the selection of materials, materials to craftsmanship, the use of sophisticated craftsmanship, ingenuity, to create the theme of the kitchen's most perfect healthy and stylish home life, let the kitchen really play the kitchen and bathroom chapter of "let your heart go home" on one side.

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